Learning a whole new language is very difficult, but think about it when you were a new born baby you dimply didn’t know a single language buy you caught up fast and at date you have the best language proficiency of your native language. Just think back for a moment and imagine what if you were given the opportunity to learn a few more languages in back when you were small. Precisely, you would be one individual who is fluent in not one but many languages. Similarly, native English speakers offer chances to non-native English speakers who are fluent and can conduct an intellectual conversation or even just enjoy a simple movie without subtitles. These chances may come out in academic nature, job and work place nature or even migration opportunities.  

People have dreams, most people dream big and in this big dream, they lay a foundation with the goal of going abroad. Going abroad is no longer about getting in an affordable flight and taking off waving goodbye to your motherland. There are many other activities you need to carry out before you take off. Similarly, English proficiency must be given highest priority. Especially if you are planning your overseas trip to a country such as United State of America, England or even Australia. IELTS offers you a safe and secure path towards reaching these countries without hesitation doubt. In fact IELTS is administered by well-known English educators such as British council.  

IELTS reading is one such criteria that is fulfilled by IELTS classes and exams. It is based on your ability to read texts and is a very crucial task in English education IELTS also offers writing criteria.  

It is further divided into two main categories namely IELTS writing task 1 and writing task 2. Task one is a simple task which is of about twenty full minutes offered as an exam and is proceeded with task two which takes about forty minutes. Task one is generally given to describe a graph, table or a chart in your own words in which the candidate must use technical words and provide full sentences within the given time and the number of worlds are generally a hundred and fifty. Further, this may change for the general trainers who are willing to go overseas for either migration purposes, jobs or even for part time studies. These test takers must write a letter for an everyday situation taking account to how you would provide a solution and specific areas of address.  

These tests are very crucial for your overseas dream, especially if you are not the most fluent individual. Passing this exams over the cut off mark is imperative for you and for your overseas dream.