Have you ever invited a friend over, or had a friend unexpectedly drop in; and then had a minor moment of panic because you know your bedroom is extremely messy? While in general you may not be a messy person, the state of your bedroom may show otherwise. Have you ever wondered how to avoid feeling this way? If you have, then the tips we’ve suggested below are especially for you…!

  • Learn to open your windows – one of the biggest problems with having unexpected visitors to your home and bedroom, is that you are not sure how it may “smell”. It may be due to having wet towels in the room, or eating in bed, but most bedrooms have a weird smell every once in a while. To avoid inviting friends over to that smell, try to remember to throw open the windows whenever possible. This will freshen the smell, as well as make your bedroom look more inviting.
  • Make a habit of arranging your bed – the easiest way to “cheat” and make the unfamiliar eyes feel like your bedroom is neat and tidy; is to have the bed properly arranged. As it takes up the biggest part of your bedroom, having the bed messed up can inevitably make anyone feel like your entire room is messy—even if it’s not. Simply straighten the sheets and put the pillows in their place; this makes a bigger impact than you think.
  • Have a proper place for each of your possessions – allocating a proper “home” for each of your things makes it easier for you to clean up your room. Look for home storage organization tips and ideas online to give you a clearer view on how to store your things efficiently.
  • Keep your dresser top clean – the vanity or the dresser of your bedroom is one such thing that can get messy very fast; especially if you are prone to oversleeping and/or hectic mornings. Unfortunately, leaving it messy when you leave in the morning can result in making it hard to invite friends over after work. Take the time to clear it up before leaving for work, or invest on a “temporary storage” spot; like a 3 drawer desktop organizer.
  • Have a specific shelf for your once worn – do you have a clothes rack in your room? Is it filled with once worn clothes like sweaters or jeans? Does it make your room appear messy and untidy? If so, try and allocate a shelf from your wardrobe for them instead. This way, they’ll be out of sight, and won’t be “soiling” your clean clothes in the other shelves.